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Government Liability in an Indiana Personal Injury Claim

indiana-government-negligenceIf you have sufficient reason to believe that negligence on the part of the Indiana state government was at fault for your accident, contact an Indianapolis law firm about filing an Indiana personal injury claim against the government and learn how it differs from a typical claim.

Basics of Indiana Personal Injury Claim

Your first step will be to complete a demand letter form. This is separate from the standard letter you would write for a personal injury claim. This form will ask for information about your injury and the circumstances in which it occurred.

Hiring an attorney from an Indiana law firm is beneficial because, if this form is filled out incorrectly, it can cause major issues for you later in the claim process. Make sure that everything is in order and that the file is going to the correct particular government agency. Remember, the claim must be filed within 270 days of your injury, and you will be contacted in response within 90 days of submitting your claim.

Having an attorney for your Indiana personal injury claim at this point is vital because filing a formal lawsuit is even more complicated and sensitive. Your attorney will help answer any questions you may have and make sure your claims process against the government flows smoothly.

A Helping Hand from an Indianapolis Law Firm

When you have complications with your personal injury claim against the government, an Indiana law firm can help you to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety associated with filing a claim. In order to get back on track with your personal injury claim, download a copy of our FREE book, Consumer’s Guide for Injured Victims, and then contact a personal injury attorney at Hensley Legal Group for a no-cost consultation.