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Fresenius, Maker of Naturalyte and Granuflo Acid Concentrate for Dialysis, is in the News for Another Recall

The Naturalyte and Granuflo Acid Concentrate manufacturer has issued a recall for its benztropine mesylate drug according to an AP article.  The recall was issued “…after finding particles of glass in some vials of the medication.”  The benztropine mesylate injection is used to treat Parkinson’s disease.  Lots being recalled are: 030712, 071212, 090512 and 111412.   The full article can be read here.

This recall comes after the FDA issued a recall of Fresenius’ dialysis drugs Naturalyte and Granuflo Acid Concentrate in March of 2012.  The drugs were recalled due to an issue with “Inappropriate prescription of these products can lead to a high serum bicarbonate level in patients undergoing hemodialysis. This may contribute to metabolic alkalosis, which is a significant risk factor associated with low blood pressure, hypokalemia, hypoxemia, hypercapnia and cardiac arrhythmia, which, if not appropriately treated, may culminate in cardiopulmonary arrest. This product may cause serious adverse health consequences, including death.”

Dialysis medicines GranuFlo and NaturaLyte have been linked to the following serious conditions.

–  Heart Attack

–  Cardiac Arrest

–  Stroke

–  Death

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