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Who’s Responsible if I’m Injured at the Farmers’ Market?

farmers market

It’s finally May, which means the Fishers Farmers’ Market is finally open for the season. Every Saturday, families from around Indianapolis browse spring and summer produce, baked goods, and delicious products from local farmers and artisans. While policies are in place to protect visitors and vendors, accidents can still happen, especially if the market becomes crowded. If you were injured while exploring the farmers’ market, there may be several parties who could be liable.

If You Slip and Fall


There are plenty of hazards at a busy farmers’ market that may cause you to slip and fall. This includes spilled drinks or ice, uneven pavement, loose electrical cords, and tent weights and lines.

Vendor Responsibility

Vendors are responsible for weighing down tents and canopies with weights that are not placed as to cause a safety hazard. They must secure weights with lines that are clearly visible and won’t cause visitors to trip. If you fall over a weight that hasn’t been properly placed or a line that hasn’t been secured, the vendor could be liable.

All vendors at the Fishers Farmers’ Market must have general liability insurance. If you are injured because of a vendor’s negligence and decide to file a claim against them, their insurance would pay for your damages.

Is the City Liable?

If you trip over a piece of broken sidewalk, the city of Fishers may be liable. But just because the sidewalk caused you to fall doesn’t mean the city was negligent. You must not only prove that the sidewalk was unreasonably safe, but also that the city knew or could have known about the unsafe sidewalk. This is why taking pictures of the scene of your accident is so important.

Filing a claim against the city of Fishers is no easy task. An experienced premises lawyer can help you determine if you have a case and how best to file a claim.

If You are Bitten by a Dog

woman with dog on leash

Visitors may bring their well-behaved pooches to the market, as long as their pooch stays on a short leash. They must also keep their dogs at a safe distance from any plants, products, or fixtures that could be damaged.

If you are bitten by a dog, immediately wash out the wound to prevent infection. You should then seek further medical treatment, especially if it has been several years since your last round of vaccinations.

In Indiana, all animal bites must be investigated. Get all the information you can from the owner, including vaccination records and the owner’s contact or insurance information. Then use that information to fill out an Official Indiana Animal Bites Report.

Dog owners are legally responsible for keeping people safe around their dog. Additionally, the Farmers’ Market holds the dog owners responsible for any property damage caused by their pet. If you were a victim of a dog bite at the market, a local personal injury lawyer can help you determine your next steps.

If You are Injured By a Vehicle

old pickup truck

You might expect to see golf carts, trucks, or tractors at a farmers’ market. If you go at a high-traffic time of day, even small vehicles like scooters could cause crowded pathways to become dangerous.

Vendors at the Fishers Farmers’ Market are not allowed to have their vehicles on the property while the market is open. In addition, they can’t bring their vehicles back onto the lot for tear down until after the market has been closed.

If vendors violate the rules regarding vehicle usage, they would be liable for any injuries caused by their vehicle.

Help from a Local Personal Injury Lawyer

If you were injured at the Farmers’ Market and aren’t sure who is liable, our personal injury attorneys can help you determine your next steps. Give Hensley Legal Group a call or contact us online for a free conversation about your claim. Our Fishers personal injury attorneys are here to help.