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Aside from the Size of the Vehicles Involved, How Do Car Accidents Differ from Truck Accidents in Indianapolis?


Other than the size of the vehicles, truck accidents in Indianapolis differ from car accidents mainly due to the sheer amount of regulations truckers must obey that other drivers don’t. If you have specific questions about how your accident might be affected by trucking rules and regulations, speak with an Indianapolis accident lawyer.

Difference Between Car and Trucks Accidents in Indianapolis

Truck accidents are viewed differently than car accidents in several ways:

  • Insurance – semi-trucks must carry more insurance coverage than other vehicles.
  • Safety Standards – truck drivers have to meet higher safety standards than non-commercial drivers.
  • Federal Regulations – because trucks travel in more than 1 state, they’re subject to federal regulations in addition to state regulations.
  • Background Checks – drivers of commercial trucks must undergo background checks.
  • Driving Limitations – truck drivers have a cap on the number of hours they can drive per day.
  • Drug Checks – truck drivers must submit themselves to drug and alcohol testing, both randomly as well as in the event of an accident.

Having higher standards and regulations for trucks is important, due to the amount of damage they can cause in an accident. There are 15.5 million commercial trucks operating in the U.S., which warrants the extra safety criteria imposed upon trucking companies to keep roadways safe of truck accidents in Indianapolis.

If you or a loved one has been injured in one of the many truck accidents in Indianapolis, consider taking your case to an Indianapolis accident lawyer. An attorney can help determine liability and assist you in getting the compensation you might be entitled.

A Helping Hand from an Indianapolis Accident Lawyer

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