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What Are the Latest Available Indiana Car Accident Statistics?

indiana-traffic-statisticsSeeing Indiana car accident statistics can show trends that may prove helpful for residents. If you have been seriously injured in an accident and would like to know if you have a valid claim worth pursuing, you should consult with an Indiana auto accident lawyer.


Because of the time it takes to collect data, the latest Indiana statistics available are for 2014. However, they still provide an amazing insight into Indiana traffic safety.

In 2014, there were:

  • 205,532 traffic accidents resulting in injury or property damage
  • 702 fatal collisions resulting in 743 fatalities
  • 24,810 speed-related crashes (12 percent of all collisions)
  • 184 fatal speed-related crashes (26 percent of all fatal collisions)
  • 94 fatal crashes and 101 fatalities caused by a drunk driver (13.4 percent of all fatal collisions )
  • 53 percent of fatalities in passenger vehicles involved occupants who were not wearing seat belts

In 2014, Indiana traffic collisions neared $3.8 billion in economic costs. Drunk drivers alone had an economic cost of $47,116 for each collision.


Indiana car accident statistics show that in general there was a decline in traffic collisions that caused property damage or injury from 2008 to 2009. As far as fatalities, there was a decrease from 820 in the year 2008 to 693 in the year 2009.

According to Indiana Traffic Safety Facts, traffic collisions accounted for 46,590 people sustaining injuries that were either non-incapacitating or incapacitating. A collision in a traffic accident can lead to serious or even life-threatening injuries. When it is the result of someone else’s negligence, an Indiana auto accident lawyer can help.

Here are some other interesting Indiana car accident statistics regarding the type and number of fatal collisions:

  • Single vehicle (693)
  • Involving large truck (96)
  • Speed-related (174)
  • Rollover (179)
  • Departure from roadway (344)
  • Intersection-related (195)

Additionally, Indiana car accident statistics show that 62 occupants (non-drivers) were killed in 2009. The age group with the highest rate of fatalities was the 16- to 17-year-old age group.

If you have been injured and it was caused by someone else, you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries. An Indiana auto accident lawyer will work with you to figure out what legal options are available.

A Helping Hand from an Indiana Auto Accident Lawyer

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