Noteworthy Results Specific case results. No two cases are alike.

What Level of Success Do You Achieve for Your Clients?


At Hensley Legal Group, we have represented plaintiffs in Indiana since 1998. Our attorneys have in-depth experience and are members of various associations.

Certainly, not all cases have high values. On the other hand, a case that you might think isn’t worth much could wind up being worth a great deal. It depends on the facts in the case and on the experience of the attorney evaluating those facts.

Don’t Trust an Attorney Who Guarantees a Dollar Amount

If you speak with a lawyer who promises you he or she can recover a certain dollar amount for you, that’s not a good sign. Every case is different, and every settlement is different. While experience can help attorneys estimate what a claim may or may not be worth, they typically avoid guaranteeing a specific dollar amount to clients or prospective clients.

No one can estimate what your case is worth until they look at all of the facts of your case. Even experienced attorneys should not guarantee a dollar amount based on the facts discussed in your first free consultation.

If you’re trying to ascertain whether or not a lawyer or law firm is successful, it’s better to ask them how many cases they’ve handled that are similar to yours. You will likely have more success in your claim if you hire an experienced attorney rather than an inexperienced one or one who focuses more of their energy on a different area of the law than the one your case pertains to.

You can also make it a point to hire a trial attorney. Even if you want to avoid trial, it’s a good idea to hire an attorney who has had experience in the courtroom. Insurance companies know which attorneys want to avoid the courtroom and will therefore be more likely to accept a low out-of-court settlement on your behalf simply to avoid trial. If you hire a trial attorney, he or she can make it known to the insurance company that he or she isn’t afraid of going all the way to court to get you the compensation you deserve. Since insurance companies often want to avoid the cost of going to court, this may be helpful in your attorney’s negotiations to achieve a fairer settlement for you.

Help from an Indiana Car Accident Attorney

We may not be able to guarantee a specific dollar amount for your case, but we will promise to work hard and use our nearly 20 years of experience to get you the compensation you deserve. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, call Hensley Legal Group today for a free consultation, or contact us online.