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What Happens If I Need Expert Witnesses and Investigators? Can You Help with Them Too?


Yes. Typically, if you choose to hire an Indiana car accident attorney, he or she will be able to find expert witnesses and investigators for your case.

Why Do You Need Expert Witnesses and Investigators?

Many attorneys find it useful to have expert witnesses help with the investigation into various insurance claims. Expert witnesses can analyze information for potential testimony if and when your case goes to trial. In the case of a commercial truck accident, for example, an expert witness could help establish whether driving logs and safety inspections were properly kept. Another example is using a car accident re-constructionist who may be able to prove who was at fault based on their extensive knowledge of car accidents.

Expert witnesses can also include your doctor or other physician(s) treating you for your injury or injuries sustained in the car accident. It will be more difficult for the insurance company to insist that you aren’t seriously injured if your licensed physician testifies to the extent of your injuries.

What Else Do I Need for My Case?

There are many steps to building a solid injury case. Not only will your attorney likely need to find expert witnesses and investigators to help with your case, but he or she will also:

  • Gather and evaluate evidence
  • Research case law
  • Draft pleadings and motions
  • Prepare for trial

An Indiana car accident attorney can make sure your insurance claim stays on track through the legal process. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, call Hensley Legal Group today or contact us online for a free case review.