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Safety Tips for Evansville Concerts and Events


In the past few years, some exciting big names have made an appearance in Evansville to perform at the Ford Center. From country music favorites like Chris Young to entertainment for the kids with Disney on Ice, there are many from Evansville and the surrounding areas who come to enjoy such talented performers.

Many people love these events, and they cherish the memories they make with their friends and families. However, for some, these memories are not always great. In some instances, if proper precautions are not followed by those organizing the event, people might find themselves injured by an unruly crowd or hazards in the facility. If you are looking to go to a concert or performance of any kind in the next year, be sure to follow these safety tips to help ensure your time is well spent and without injury.

Bring a Friend


There is safety in numbers. If possible, avoid going to one of these events on your own. Instead, ask a friend to tag along with you. This can help ensure that someone is watching for you the whole time.

Know Transportation Plans


After the concert is never the right time to start figuring out how you will get home.  Hoping to get a cab or use a ridesharing app afterward might take longer than you planned. The last thing you want is to be waiting outside of the venue for too long after the concert. Come up with your game plan to get home before you go to the concert. Either drive your own car or know the exact times for public transportation, and be sure to time your exit correctly so you are not left waiting for too long.

Find Security


These events are typically staffed with an adequate amount of security. It is important that you are always able to spot security in case something happens suddenly and you need assistance. If you think something looks like it could be trouble, be sure to report it to a local guard and keep your distance.

Charge Your Phone


Before you go to the concert, be sure your phone is fully charged so that it’ll last you the whole night. You may also consider bringing a portable charger with you. It is important that your phone is still well-charged when you leave in case you need to call for help or for a ride after the concert.

What If You Get Injured at a Concert?


Even if you take all of these precautions, you still may be injured due to circumstances outside of your control. If you suffer an injury at a concert, there are four potential parties that may be responsible for your damages:

  • Yourself: You assume some amount of risk whenever you enter a space other than your private property. You also are responsible for making sure you behave appropriately and follow all safety precautions. If you’re injured due to your own behavior, you’ll likely be responsible for your medical bills and any other losses you incur.
  • Another Person in Attendance: If you’re physically assaulted by another person at a concert, you’ll likely pursue criminal charges, not a personal injury claim.
  • A Manufacturer: Sometimes, what causes your injury is an object, not a person. If that object was knowingly made poorly, then the manufacturer may be held responsible. For example, if a newly installed row of seats collapse because of shoddy workmanship, the company that installed them may be responsible.
  • The Concert Venue: The concert venue has a responsibility to ensure a safe environment. Even if a person or an object caused your injury, the concert venue still may be held responsible for your injuries.

Who is responsible for your accident varies on a case-by-case basis. If you have questions about an injury you suffered at a concert, an Evansville personal injury lawyer may be able to help.

Help from an Evansville Personal Injury Attorney

Any venue hosting an event of any size has an obligation to make sure everything is in order to best ensure guest and performer safety. If you were injured at a local event because of neglect at the hands of the venue, you could be entitled to compensation. Call Hensley Legal Group today, or contact us online, and allow one of our experienced personal injury attorneys fight to get you the compensation that you deserve.