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How to Prevent Injury as an Evansville Landscaper


Many homeowners strive to have open yards with green grass, flowerbeds, and maybe even a water feature. And while many strive for this, few want to do all the work that it requires. 

Not only is landscaping hard work, but it can also be dangerous work. If you work for a landscaping business, it is important to know how to reduce the risk of injury on the job.

Stay Aware


Zoning out for even a second could cause an accident. Be aware of your surroundings when operating heavy machinery or sharp objects. Stay clear of your fellow workers and communicate clearly with them throughout the project to ensure everyone’s safety.

Know Your Equipment

Some landscaping jobs require simple tools, but others require machinery that’s more advanced — and more dangerous. All landscapers on the job should have the proper training to operate whatever tools necessary.

While on the job, pause before using a tool and make sure you know how to turn it off quickly in case of an emergency. Reacquaint yourself with tools you haven’t used for a few months. Taking this extra time is worth it if it means saving you or a coworker from an injury on the job.

Keep Tools in Good Condition


When working on landscaping, it is important for both quality and safety that your tools are in good condition. The blades and shears should be sharp to cut necessary items without a struggle. The task can get dangerous when you are fighting your tools to make the cut, as you might slip or jerk with the momentum and hurt yourself of someone around you. By making sure your tools are sharp and ready to perform the task, you can better ensure a safe project.

Work in Teams


On a landscaping project, it’s wise to have at least one other person there to work with you. At times, a task might be more difficult and dangerous to perform alone than with a colleague, and having another worker there will help ensure that you don’t have to risk it.

In the event of an accident, having another person working with you can be helpful in two ways. First, that person can take care of you if you’re injured, and they can call for help if necessary. Second, that person will likely be a witness to your injury. They can provide evidence if your safety equipment failed, for example. They can attest that the accident wasn’t your fault. This may prove invaluable if you choose to file a workers’ compensation claim.

Help from an Evansville Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you were injured on the job while working for a landscaping company, you could be entitled to workers’ compensation to cover any medical bills or days off work. If you are being denied this right, legal action may be required. Our experienced attorneys want to fight on your side to get you the compensation that you deserve. Call Hensley Legal Group today for a free consultation or contact us online.