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I Suffer from Heart Disease. Can I Qualify for Social Security Disability?


On May 19, hundreds of volunteers will show up to Veterans Memorial Parkway to walk for a cause that hits close to home for many. This is the date of the annual Tri-State Heart Walk, a walk put together by the American Heart Association to raise money for heart disease research. This walk is a worldwide event, taking place in 305 locations across the country. It has raised millions of dollars for heart research. Evansville’s goal is to raise at least $130,000 this year.

With more than 30 cardiologists making a career in Evansville, it is safe to say that many of us in Evansville are familiar with heart disease. But many people are not as familiar with the financial options available to them if they suffer from heart disease.

If you suffer from heart disease, you may be well aware that it can have severe effects on your everyday life. You may be unable to hold a job or support your family. Depending on the severity of our case, you may qualify for Social Security disability insurance (SSDI).

How to Qualify


The Social Security Administration (SSA) will decide on the severity of your heart disease based your medical records. They have specific guidelines to follow in multiple areas, including symptoms, stress tests, ischemic episodes, and abnormal imaging.

  • Symptoms: The SSA requires your symptoms be severe enough that you are physically unable to obtain work, and these symptoms must be a result of “myocardial ischemia.” Some of these symptoms include discomfort caused by activity or emotion, pain or discomfort in places other than the chest (inner left arm, jaw, back, etc,.), and shortness of breath.
  • Stress test: This test is designed to test your tolerance of a workload equal to 5 METS or less. The test is looking for one of the following abnormalities: horizontal or downsloping ST segment depression, decrease of systolic pressure, or ischemia.
  • Ischemic episodes: In some cases, you could qualify for SSDI based on any ischemic episodes you may have experienced. In order to qualify, the SSA requires three of these episodes to occur over a consecutive 12-month period, and each episode must require revascularization.
  • Abnormal imaging results: In some cases, it is too risky to ask a patient to participate in any form of an exercise tolerance tests due to the person’s health. Instead, the SSA may want to see an angiography or another medically acceptable imaging test. In order to qualify for SSDI based on these tests, the evidence must show 50-70 percent narrowing of an artery that has not yet been previously bypassed.

Help from an Evansville Social Security Disability Attorney

If you were recently diagnosed with a heart disease, you are likely overwhelmed. The last thing you need among the tests and symptoms is a surplus of legal jargon and forms that you do not understand. Unfortunately, sometimes this paperwork is necessary in order for you to qualify for the benefits you deserve. Hire someone educated and experienced in the field to handle the application process for you. Call Hensley Legal Group today for a free consultation, or contact us online.