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I’m an Evansville Teacher and I’m Being Denied Workers’ Compensation


A school teacher’s job can be riskier than many may believe. The job requires a significant amount of standing, stress, and, at times, even a hostile work environment. It is not unheard of for a teacher to get injured on the job. After a workplace injury, a teacher may be entitled to workers’ compensation.

Common Workplace Injuries for Teachers

  • Slip and fall: Students track a lot of outside elements into school hallways. They may track mud, snow, and rain in depending on the weather outside. While it is the janitor’s responsibility to mop up these wet areas as soon as possible, they cannot always get to it in time. Teachers are at risk of slipping and falling in these areas, which can lead to injuries.
  • Falling from an elevated surface: Teachers, especially elementary school teachers, are responsible for decorating classrooms and the walls outside of their classrooms. At times, this requires the use of ladders in order to hang decorations on the higher areas of the walls. If a teacher falls due to an unsafe ladder, they can injure themselves in multiple ways.
  • Strained back: Teachers tend to experience a significant amount of wear and tear on their joints and muscles from all of the heavy material they are expected to lift. Many experience this in their back.
  • Stress and anxiety: Teachers deal with children who exhibit behavioral issues, as well as both mental and emotional disorders. In addition to this stress, teachers must also deal with sometimes uncooperative parents and state guidelines on education. This combination of stress can take a significant mental and physical toll on the teacher.

Why Workers’ Compensation?

The median salary for a 2018 elementary school teacher in Evansville, Indiana is about $53,000. If a teacher is injured on the job and unable to work because of it, this would be a significant loss, and it would likely put a lot of financial stress on the teacher and their family.

If you are teacher and you are injured on the job, you are entitled to multiple benefits in order to help you through this time:

  • Restored sick days: If you used a few of your limited sick days in order to recover from the work-related injury, these days could be reimbursed to you through workers’ compensation.
  • Medical expenses covered: If you required surgeries or doctor’s visits, workers’ compensation should cover the expenses accumulated from this medical attention.
  • Paid days off: If you need time off to adequately recover, you should be granted paid days off through workers’ compensation. This time should be granted for anyone requiring treatment or extra days of rest.

Help from an Evansville Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you are an Evansville teacher, and you were injured on the job, you are entitled to worker’s compensation in order to help you through this tough time. If you are being denied this compensation, it may be time for you to take legal action. Most teachers work on a contract basis, so it will be important for a personal injury attorney to review your specific case. Call Hensley Legal Group today, or contact us online, and let one of our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys fight to get you the compensation you deserve.