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Does My Back Injury Qualify Me for Disability Benefits?


Anyone who experiences extreme back pain, whether from a genetic condition or a traumatic accident, knows the affect the injury can have on their everyday life. Many people must quit their jobs and find a new way to make ends meet during these painful days because they simply cannot handle the exertion required of them on the job.

Evansville has a variety of back doctors and chiropractors in the area to help anyone with severe back pain. It is an incredibly relevant issue that affects the lives of more people than you may think. No matter the cause of the injury, it is important that you seek help so that you can get back to your normal life.

During this time of unemployment, your household may struggle financially. If this is your situation, then you may be qualified to receive Social Security disability benefits as you seek treatment for the pain. There are many considerations that go into the disability approval process:

Doctor’s Opinion

In most applications for disability insurance benefits (DIB), a doctor’s opinion can be given a huge amount of weight. Before you apply for DIB, be sure to seek medical attention, and ask your doctor if he or she would potentially support you if you attempt to qualify for disability benefits.



The Social Security Administration (SSA) wants assurance that you have sought treatment for the pain rather than feeling pain and asking for assistance. Many times, doctors will provide treatment options. It is important to try some of these options before seeking assistance, as it may prove the severity of your condition, as well as the ineffectiveness of treatment.

Daily Life


When considering whether to approve you for DIB, the SSA wants assurance that the condition does, indeed, affect your everyday life to the point that it limits your ability to make an income. If you are still able to work even with the condition, the administration may decline the application because they may not believe your condition warrants any financial support. When applying for DIB, be sure to highlight the way it affects your everyday life and your ability to financially support yourself.

Pain Level


The SSA sees millions of cases each year. They are familiar with a variety of conditions and the pain level that is typically associated with each of these conditions. They provide summaries of how severe each condition is and how it may affect someone’s ability to work in what is called the listing of impairments.

Make sure to check the listing of impairments for your specific condition(s). The listing typically has guidelines for how severe the condition must be to warrant approve for benefits. Although people can get approved for conditions not including on the listing of impairments or not as severe as what’s listed, it can give you a good idea of just how difficult your path to approval might be.

Help from an Evansville Social Security Disability Attorney

If you are experiencing the life-altering effects of a severe back injury, you are likely in a lot of pain and distress. The last thing that you need is to navigate the long and frustrating application process to receive adequate DIB benefits. Let one of our experienced disability attorneys help guide you through the process. Call Hensley Legal Group today for a free consultation or contact us online. Our experienced attorneys are happy to help you get the compensation you need to navigate this difficult time.