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Backing Up Your Car Accident Claim With Documentation

paperwork2It’s very easy for people, who have been in a car accident, to run to any car accident lawyer in Indianapolis to file a claim. In many cases, accident victims who don’t seek legal representation may not get proper compensation through their Indiana personal injury claims, because they fail to provide the necessary information that justifies the damages they are seeking.

Medical & Wage Documents

When you have been injured in a car accident in Indiana, no matter how minor the injuries may seem, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Document with your doctor every injury you sustained
  • Record any pain and soreness you experience
  • Track all lost wages as a result of your injuries

Accident Reports

If a police officer did not respond to your accident, your Indianapolis car accident lawyer will advise you to file a state vehicle accident report. These can be found at police stations, as well as on the Indiana Department of Motor Vehicles website, as a downloadable file.

Even though the accident report may not be used in civil court proceedings for your personal injury claim in Indiana, it will provide important information to your Indianapolis car accident lawyer. This is especially important when it comes time to move forward with possible settlement discussions.

Information on the accident report will include:

  • Names of witnesses
  • Details of the accident
  • Police observations of the crash scene

Your accident report can also clearly show negligence on the side of any of the involved parties, which may help strengthen your Indiana personal injury claim. While you may not know what to do after a car accident in Indiana, an Indianapolis car accident lawyer has experience with these types of cases and can advise you of the steps you should take to receive compensation for your injuries.

A Helping Hand from an Indianapolis Accident Lawyer

When you have complications with your personal injury claim, an Indianapolis accident lawyer can help you to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety associated with filing a claim. In order to get back on track with your personal injury claim, download a copy of our FREE book, Consumer’s Guide for Injured Victimsand then contact a personal injury attorney at Hensley Legal Group for a no-cost consultation.