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5 Things to Know During Your Auto Repair and Following a Car Crash

Car repair shopAn accident can cause a lot of inconvenience. You still need to get to work and other places, so losing your vehicle to the auto repair shop can be a major burden. Most will rent a car in the meantime. Here’s what you need to know about renting a car while your vehicle is in the shop.

1) Call Your Insurance Company

After an accident, contact your insurance company. Even if someone else caused the crash, it’s important to notify your own insurer. This will start the claims process and an adjuster can answer questions about renting a vehicle under your own policy terms.

2) Determine Who Will Cover the Cost of a Rental Car

This depends on fault and the terms of your policy. Of course, it could take some time to determine responsibility for the accident, so you might have to front the money yourself at first. If you have rental reimbursement on your policy, it can cover the costs of your rental.

3) When it’s Clear the Other Driver is at Fault

Sometimes the other driver’s insurance company will cover the rental costs immediately. If not, the settlement should address those expenses.

4) Limitations May Apply

Sometimes there are limits to the rental car cost per day. Also, the insurance company may only pay for a certain number of days. It’s important to ask your insurer or that of the other driver about any limitations when you are renting the vehicle.

5) You May Need to Contact an Attorney

Sometimes legal counsel becomes necessary when dealing with the insurance company and you may have to contact a lawyer. Getting an insurer to cover the cost of a rental is just one potential problem. You might also run into problems getting repairs covered, or covering medical bills, especially in cases of serious injuries.

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