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IntelliDrive Overview and How It Can Help Monitor Teen Driving


According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA), IntelliDrive is “ . . . a suite of technologies and applications that use wireless communications to provide connectivity between vehicles (of all types); vehicles and roadway infrastructure; vehicles and wireless communication devices; and wireless communication devices and roadway infrastructure.”

Users of IntelliDrive include all types of people on the road, such as:

  • Private drivers in their own cars
  • Commercial drivers in commercial vehicles
  • Public safety workers in their public safety vehicles
  • People on foot
  • Bike riders
  • Motorcyclists

The current operation is not available in all states. However, it is available in Indiana. It could have great benefits for Indiana drivers, and can particularly help parents who have teens just starting to drive.

Collecting Data about Weather and Traffic Conditions

The developers of IntelliDrive hope it’s one day installed on every new car. The technology allows vehicles to provide alerts about a number of things. Windshield wipers will be able to act as sensors that allow them to transmit to other cars that there is rain in a certain area, for example.

Data about anti-lock brake activation can alert other drivers that conditions in the area are slippery and to use caution.

There are even benefits to detecting traffic congestion. Patterns of braking and speed may help alert others that there is traffic congestion in a particular area, allowing drivers to steer clear of the heavy traffic. This may help cut down on congestion overall as drivers seek alternate routes.

IntelliDrive Can Help Indiana Parents Monitor Teen Driving

The device can also collect driving data that reveals information about the driver’s habits and behaviors on the road. This can be invaluable to Indiana parents who wish to monitor how their teen is behaving on the road. Keep in mind that, according to an Evansville Courier & Press article, Indiana was tops in the country in the first part of 2012 for teen driver fatalities.

Tony Hare, who is the managing product director for Travelers Personal Insurance, noted, according to a Evansville Courier & Press article, that the data that IntelliDrive collects can show information about the driver’s:

  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Braking habits

The parents can get alerts via email or text that lets them know if their teen is driving aggressively, past the agreed-upon time limit, or even if the teen has driven to an area which he or she is not allowed to travel.

Right now, an Indiana driver can inquire with his or her insurance company about signing up for the IntelliDrive program. A driver will receive a small device that comes in the mail. After installing this electronic device in the car, he or she can monitor their own or their teen’s driving habits to help cut down on risky driving behavior.

Legal Help if You’re in an Accident

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