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Indiana SSI and SSDI Listing of Impairments Description: Musculoskeletal System


When normal daily activities become difficult (such as shopping, banking, cleaning your home), traveling cannot be done without assistance (such as with a walker, braces or cane), or climbing stairs is no longer possible, then you may be considered disabled in Indiana. SSI or SSDI benefits could be available to you.

SSA defines loss of function related to the musculoskeletal system to be an inability to move and walk about effectively for a sustained period of time without experiencing pain and difficulty. Or it can include significant impairment in fine and gross movements.

Help from a Disability Attorney in Indianapolis

Navigating the claims process for Social Security disability can be very time-consuming and complex. Not only are you already dealing with the physical limitations of your medical condition, but now you also must figure out how to get through this process. It can feel overwhelming.

However, you can improve your chance at having your initial application for Social Security disability be approved if you have legal counsel working with you. Attorneys understand the claims process and know the type of medical evidence that will be necessary for your case. They can also assist you with the complicated paperwork and forms, ensuring that everything is filled out in a timely manner.

And if your claim was denied, then a disability attorney in Indianapolis can help you appeal that decision. Don’t assume you don’t stand a chance at obtaining Indiana SSI or SSDI benefits. You will be more prepared the second time around with the help of an attorney who handles Social Security disability claims.

Don’t delay in seeking legal counsel if you are disabled due to a severe medical condition or injury. You may be missing out on benefits that could help you receive the medical care you need and deserve. 

In order to get back on track with your Social Security benefits claim, download a copy of our complimentary book, 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits, then contact a Social Security attorney at Hensley Legal Group for a no-cost consultation at (317) 472-3333.