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How to Hide Scars Acquired From Car Accident Injuries


Car accidents might lead to serious lacerations that require prompt treatment. There is a risk of infection with open wounds, and surgeons may have to suture a laceration to close it during healing. Unfortunately, some accident victims experience scarring. Through treatment and other methods, though, accident victims may hide or cover up their scars.

What Are Scars?

Scars are a natural part of the healing process and occur when fibrous tissue replaces normal skin after an injury. They look strange because fibrous tissue is actually a different type of tissue than the rest of the skin, and it’s often either raised or depressed on the skin. Scars can range from a mild aesthetic problem to severe scarring that may cause embarrassment or other emotional effects for patients.

Using Clothing to Hide a Scar

If your scar is small or it’s on an area of your body that’s easily concealed, then the scarring may not be a major, everyday concern. Of course, wearing a swimsuit may present challenges; the location and size of the scar may dictate the type of swimming apparel or other apparel you wear. Accessories like bracelets, scarves, and more can strategically conceal scarring on the wrists, arms, neck, or other areas.

Using Makeup or Tattoos to Cover Up a Scar


For minor scars, simple makeup can cover up the area. Seeing a professional cosmetician can help match makeup to your natural skin tone. Once they have their makeup, it’s a matter of applying foundation over the scar and then filling in the makeup to match up with the skin tone. Some may rely on airbrush makeup to conceal scarring, especially on the face. Discuss all of these options with a cosmetician.

Some may use tattoos to cover their scars. Talk to a reputable tattoo artist you trust about placement and colors that may help cover up the scar. Some people have even incorporated their scar into their tattoo. Artists are very creative, so even if you have a general idea – or none at all – speak to one about your wishes and carefully consider their suggestions.

Medical and Surgical Treatment for Scarring

There are certain steps you can take after an injury and during the healing process that might help reduce the appearance of a scar. Other treatments may help reduce the appearance of a scar that’s already formed.

Treatment might consist of over-the-counter and prescription ointments and creams. Doctors may recommend injection filler treatment as well. In very serious cases, some doctors may recommend surgery. We cover these treatments and others that may help reduce the appearance of a scar in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

Addressing Scarring in a Car Accident Claim

Even though surgical options to treat scarring may be plastic surgery, if another’s negligence caused the scarring that necessitated it, any related damages may be recoverable. This may include surgical costs and other related medical bills. Talk to your attorney about covering the costs of other methods for concealing a scar. Noneconomic damages related to the disfigurement may be recoverable as well.

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