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Filing an Indiana Personal Injury Claim Against an Indiana Government Entity


Pursuing an Indiana personal injury claim against the government is a bit different than a typical claim. A claim against the government will mean that different laws and statutes will apply to your claim altogether. These statutes are typically more strict and limited than the laws that apply to a general injury claim. It will be a very delicate process, and an Indianapolis law firm can help you. An experienced attorney will be able to explain the specific statutes that will apply to your claim and help answer any questions you may have.

Timetables of Your Indiana Personal Injury Claim

The timeframe in which your claim must be filed is also stricter. Typically you would be able to file a personal injury claim within a year (maybe 2) of your accident, but with a claim against the government, the time limits are tighter. In the state of Indiana you have a maximum of 270 days to file a claim.

Once you properly file a claim, make sure you keep a copy of your paperwork. The Office of the Attorney General will review your claim and you will be notified within 90 days of submission if your claim was approved or denied.

What the State of Indiana Is Not Liable for

It is important to go over your claim with an experienced attorney prior to making a claim to ensure that it is worth your while. The State of Indiana is liable for some things but not for others. Consulting with an attorney will help discern which category your claim falls under.

Some examples of claims the State of Indiana is not liable for include:

  • The natural condition of unimproved property
  • The status or condition of a reservoir or similar structure if it has been tampered with
  • The condition of a sports area that resulted from harsh weather conditions
  • The condition of roads or paths that lead to scenic locations
  • Failure to make a thorough inspection of a property that is non-government affiliated

For a full list of claims that the government is not liable for, consult with an Indianapolis law firm. Meet with an attorney to go over your case, and he or she will help ensure that your claim is its strongest. Your Indianapolis attorney will walk you through every step with Indiana personal injury claim and make sure you stay on track. Your attorney will be a safety net that makes sure no careless missteps like a missed document are made during the process.