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Car Accident Statistics Help Highlight Indiana Driving Dangers


An overview of Indiana car accident statistics can help drivers recognize dangerous risk factors and trends in traffic accidents. With this in mind, drivers should take precautions to avoid dangers on the road.

2013 Indiana Car Accident Statistics

The following statistics come from Indiana’s Annual Traffic Safety Report for Fiscal Year 2013 by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (ICJI):

  • Traffic fatalities are down. Between 2004 and December 20, 2013, yearly traffic fatalities decreased almost 20 percent. The incidence rate of traffic fatalities declined from 11.92 per 100,000 population in 2012 to 11.59 per 100,000 in 2013 (as of December 20, 2013). This marked a 2.7 percent reduction.
  • Speed-related accidents. There were 199 speed-related deaths in 2013, which reveals 7.6 percent increase from the previous year. Roughly 26 percent of all traffic deaths were related to speeding. The state failed to meet its goal to reduce speed-related deaths from 185 in 2012 to 176 in 2013.
  • Alcohol-related accidents. There were 228 traffic deaths in 2012 that stemmed from alcohol use. The state exceeded its goal to reduce alcohol-related fatalities to 221 in 2013, according to preliminary data, as there were only 104 alcohol-related deaths as of December 20, 2013.
  • Fatal accidents involving young drivers. The goal to reduce the number of deadly wrecks involving young drivers (ages 15 to 20 years old) was met; statistics show that deadly crashes for this age group dropped from 127 in 2012 to 101 in 2013 (as of December 20).
  • Seatbelt use. Seat belt usage rate for all Indiana passenger vehicles is at 91.6 percent, a high rate. For pickup trucks, the rate is at 81.8 percent, which is also high.
  • Motorcycle and moped fatalities. Motorcycle and moped fatalities for 2013 were tallied at 113 by December 20, 2013, showing a decrease from 151 the previous year.

Statistics Reveal Dangers on the Roads

Wearing your seatbelt is an important safety measure that all drivers should follow, and based on the statistics above, a lot of Indiana drivers are heeding the message. But that’s just one thing that drivers can do to stay safe.

The statistics above demonstrate areas of decline and improvement in traffic safety from 2012 to 2013. While some of the statistics showed positive trends, drivers should continue to recognize the dangers of risky behavior.

Other ways to stay safe on the road include:

  • Slow down. The statistics show that from 2012 to 2013, Indiana crashes related to speed increased. To avoid becoming part of a speeding statistic, leave the house early and take your time on the road. Always observe the speed limit and be aware of any sudden changes in speed limit.
  • Call 911 if you suspect another driver is inebriated. Stay safely away from that car/driver. Alcohol still plays a significant role in Indiana car crashes despite a decline in number of alcohol-related fatalities.
  • Talk to your kids about safe driving. The state met the goal to reduce fatal crashes involving young drivers. But parents should continue to talk to their kids about the dangers on the road and ensure they possess the proper skills and knowledge to safely operate the vehicle.

If You Are Injured in an Indiana Car Accident

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