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4 Misconceptions about a Car Crash in Indiana

car crash in Indiana is a grave and life-changing event. The severe injuries that can result from a serious car accident add stress and suffering to an already tragic occurrence. Unfortunately, insurance companies trying to minimize their costs and maximize their profits can add insult to injury by grossly under-compensating you for your injuries.

Protect yourself, your family, and your future by learning the 4 biggest misconceptions about an Indiana personal injury claim and by contacting an Indiana car accident attorney after you car crash in Indiana.

Misconception 1: Insurance Companies Are Your Friends


Insurance companies are for-profit entities whose chief prerogative is to turn a profit by collecting insurance premiums and paying out as little as possible when a claim is filed for a car crash in Indiana. An insurance company investigation usually involves trying to find where you are to blame, because the more they can fault you for your car crash in Indiana, the less money they have to pay you.

If you’re in a car crash in Indiana, you do not have to call your insurance adjuster immediately. The likelihood that you may say something the insurance company can use against you in your Indiana personal injury claim is highest just after the accident. Wait until you have attended to your injuries, rested, and have spoken with an Indiana car accident attorney.

Misconception 2: You Must Give a Recorded Statement to Insurance Company


It is a common myth that insurance companies will not settle your claim unless you provide a recorded statement. Claims adjusters may try to get you to make statements that can be used against you when determining blame. You should not give your insurance company any statements until after you contact an Indiana personal injury claim attorney about your car crash in Indiana.

Misconception 3: An Insurance Company Will Pay Your Medical Bills on Time


The insurance companies want to pay out as little as possible for your car crash in Indiana and won’t give you any funds toward your injuries until they’ve completed their own investigation and have determined how much they choose to pay out for your accident. Your bills won’t wait for the insurance company to pay, and your insurance company has no incentive to pay in a timely manner—so they won’t.

You can get the process moving much more quickly with an Indiana car accident attorney on your side. If the insurance company is taking too long to pay you the damages to cover the expenses of your car crash in Indiana or refuses to compensate you properly for the injuries you’ve suffered, contact a lawyer who is experienced with Indiana personal injury claim laws. He or she will serve as a mediator between you and your insurance company to maximize your settlement and get it paid quickly.

Misconception 4: An Attorney Can Estimate How Much Your Claim Is Worth


Unfortunately, no one can pre-determine the financial value of any claim before all of the facts of your car crash in Indiana are brought to light through a thorough investigation. Any attorney attempting to do so during your initial consultation, or claiming to be able to guarantee a set amount of damages for you, should be summarily dismissed. An Indiana car accident attorney can estimate the value of your claim based on previous experience, but there is no equation for determining the value of a settlement amount. Every injury and car crash in Indiana is different, and the attorney you choose to handle your Indiana personal injury claim should treat you with the individualized and compassionate approach you deserve.