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After your Accident, an Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer will Help Fight for your Rights

Personal InjuryAs the state capital, Indianapolis has quite a bit to offer. Plenty of resident Hoosiers and visitors alike enjoy watching Colts games at Lucas Oil Stadium and seeing the vibrant downtown life. There are also dozens of family-friendly activities, such as the Indianapolis Zoo or the world-famous Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

But while you’re enjoying everything our beautiful city has to offer, it’s entirely possible to find yourself involved in an accident. From car accidents to slip and falls, there are so many different things that can happen.

If you weren’t responsible for the accident, we don’t think you should be held financially responsible for any of it. That’s when hiring the right personal injury lawyer can really come in handy. The personal injury lawyers at Hensley Legal Group have years of experience and would love to extend a helping hand.

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If you need an Indianapolis personal injury lawyer to handle your case, trust the professionals at Hensley Legal Group to help.

With higher populations comes higher accident statistics

There’s so much to love about Indianapolis and it’s not a surprise that many Hoosiers call the city home. However, due to its sheer size, Indianapolis actually has a fairly high number of car accidents compared to other areas in Marion Country. With so many people coming and going, it’s not hard at all to see why.

In 2020, there were 28,701 total vehicle collisions in Marion Country. Of these, 148 accidents were fatal. Of all the towns and cities in Marion County, Indianapolis by far had the lion’s share of the accidents at 24,236.

There’s a lot that Indianapolis has to offer, but residents and visitors need to keep their wits about them and be aware while traveling in the city. Defensive driving techniques can greatly reduce the risk of an accident, so keep your eyes on the road and keep an eye on your surroundings.

Be sure to speak with the right parties after your accident

After an accident, it’s important to alert the authorities to have a written record of the incident. Next, seek medical treatment. In many cases, an ambulance may take you straight to the hospital following the accident. But if you don’t appear to be injured, you might have to seek medical treatment on your own after the accident.

If you want to pursue a personal injury claim, it’s important to follow these steps. Your Indianapolis lawyer will use the documentation to help prove your claim and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Keep in mind that no two personal injury cases are the same. The compensation you are eligible to receive ultimately boils down to the details of your case. This is one reason why it’s so important to work with a personal injury lawyer after your accident. They will know exactly what to do after examining your case.

If you win your personal injury case, you might be able to receive some of the following damages:

  •         Existing and future medical expenses related to your accident
  •         Pain and suffering, which could also include mental and emotional pain and anguish sustained from the accident
  •         Lost wages if you have to take off work due to your injuries
  •         Loss of companionship if your accident damages your personal relationships

Of course, this list is not extensive. There may be even more types of damages you could recover in the aftermath of your accident.

You can always trust Hensley Legal Group to do the right thing

At the end of the day, we know just how scary it can be to deal with the aftermath of an accident. You might feel fortunate if you survived with minor injuries, but you could even struggle with psychological effects. No matter how serious your injuries are, Hensley Legal Group sincerely cares about your case and wants to help however possible.

We have a proven track record demonstrating our commitment to client service and satisfaction. When you get some time, see what some of our other clients have to say about our work. On top of that, our attorneys also work on a contingency model. This means that you don’t pay us any money unless we help you win your case. We would be happy to go over this more with you when you get in touch with us.

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