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NeuroHope Partnership

Hensley Legal Group partnered with NeuroHope in 2017 to support their efforts to provide long-term access to cutting-edge rehabilitation in Indiana.

NeuroHope’s Mission

NeuroHope is committed to providing affordable rehabilitation and wellness to people right here in Indiana. Their services help people after their insurance coverage has run its course.

Beyond rehabilitation, NeuroHope also focuses on health and wellness. Exercise is good for everyone, but it’s especially important for people suffering from paralysis. Their bone density and muscle growth may be affected if they are always in a wheelchair. NeuroHope’s exercise programs allow clients to get out of their chairs and stay active despite the limitations of their injuries.

This dual focus on rehabilitation and wellness allows NeuroHope to help their clients reach their recovery potential and stay there.

Not only are NeuroHope’s services beneficial, but they are also affordable. NeuroHope only charges $50 per one-hour session for individuals recovering from paralysis. Typically, at a hospital or in a traditional outpatient clinic, a one-hour session would cost $300–$350 out of pocket. To offset the true cost of therapy, NeuroHope needs to raise $50 per therapy session.


Our Partnership: Swing “Fore” Hope

Hensley Legal Group has supported NeuroHope since 2017 in a myriad of ways, but our biggest event with NeuroHope has been the Swing “Fore” Hope Golf Scramble, which began in September 2018 and has become an annual tournament.

From the beginning, employees from Hensley Legal Group volunteered to make sure the golf scramble would be a success. Our volunteers found sponsors, secured a location, and creating marketing materials in advance of the event. On the day of the golf outing, a team of HLG employees came to run registration, pass out lunches, and make sure everything ran smoothly.

The 4th Annual Swing “Fore” Hope golf fundraiser on September 20, 2021, raised $42,000 for NeuroHope patients. Over 100 golfers and 18 sponsors made the day one to remember. Our volunteers manned the raffle and silent auction and stuffed goodie bags with Jack’s Donuts for hungry golfers. Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s event!

The first Swing “Fore” Hope Golf Scramble had 30 teams and 26 sponsors and raised $15,000 for NeuroHope. In 2019, over 100 golfers and sponsors came together to raise $24,000 for NeuroHope. The event only grew during 2020 with 132 golfers, a flyover start by Indy Biplanes, an open silent auction, and $33,000 raised.


Our Partnership: Monumental Marathon (2017)

Our 2017 online effort for people to join NeuroHope’s team for the Monumental Marathon:

Hensley Legal Group’s first event with NeuroHope was the Monumental Marathon in November 2017. Our volunteers helped run NeuroHope’s tent at the finish line to celebrate with the team and to give out new NeuroHope t-shirts. We had a great time helping out at the Monumental Marathon and helping to raise support for NeuroHope.

The Story of NeuroHope

In 2010, Chris Leeuw’s life changed when he suffered a C4 spinal cord injury.

Paralyzed from the neck down, Chris stayed in the hospital for a mere 8 weeks before being discharged on a stretcher. Little twitches in his fingers and toes gave him hope that his condition could improve further, but outside of the hospital, his options for recovery were limited. Chris decided to travel to Neuroworx in Utah to continue therapy for 17 months.

In May 2012, Chris was able to drive himself back to Indianapolis. He was able to walk and live an independent life again.

Chris knew how drastically his condition improved with prolonged rehabilitation. He was lucky to be able to go to Utah so long for therapy, but he knew others weren’t so lucky.

It became clear to Chris that there was a huge need in Indiana for continued, affordable therapy following a spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury (TBI), or stroke. To meet that need, Chris started NeuroHope right here in Indianapolis.