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Joy’s House – Adult Day Service

Located in the Broad Ripple area, Joy’s House was created from one woman’s dream, supported by family and friends, and has blossomed into a remarkable not-for-profit organization that provides physical, mental and financial relief for families caring for a loved one.

When you hear the term “Adult Day Service,” you’re not quite sure what to expect. But walking into Joy’s House, we instantly felt like we were at home. Joy’s House is a nonprofit adult day service that hosts Guests seeking safety, companionship, and engagement in the community. Many of the Guests have diagnoses—such as dementia, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, or Down syndrome—that prevent them from staying home alone safely. Others are seeking the stimulation of activity and community provided by Joy’s House. With warm smiles and a cozy atmosphere, it’s no wonder that Guests return.

After we finished setting up the outdoor furniture in the garden oasis (located behind the facility), we went inside to spend some time with the Guests. They were in the middle of their morning stretches and enthusiastically welcomed us to join them. After a few minutes of stretches and breathing exercises, we all joined in a sing-a-long led by the wife of one of the Guests. Before returning to our duties outside, a Guest serenaded two HLG volunteers, who even received a hug!

It was an amazing opportunity to be able to share in the genuine JOY the Guests experience each day at Joy’s House. In addition to the invaluable services provided to its Guests, Joy’s House provides emotional and financial relief for families that are caring for a loved one—giving them the peace of mind that their loved ones are in good hands. We were happy to contribute to their mission.

We had a lot of fun working with our friends at Joy’s House.