Gleaners Food Bank

Hensley Legal Group partners with Gleaners Food Bank to help ensure Hoosiers across the State have food to eat. We believe strongly that it is our duty to help those in need, and enjoy volunteering at Gleaners every chance we get. June 2019 was our most recent volunteering experience with them.

After orientation we donned our orange volunteer vests and got ready for customers. Some of us stocked shelves, others bagged and boxed groceries for customers, and the strongest of us carried groceries out to waiting cars.

Our group helped out at at Gleaners’ Community Cupboard on Indy’s south side. The Community Cupboard is stocked with healthy produce and staples and serves thousands of hungry Hoosier families every month. If you’d like to donate or volunteer for an upcoming shift, all info can be found on their website.