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Disney on Ice in Evansville

In April 2019, Hensley Legal Group sent 24 families of four to see Disney on Ice Presents Frozen for free in Evansville.

The Idea

Many of Hensley Legal Group’s employees are parents of young children. When Disney on Ice came through Indianapolis in January, John Hensley bought tickets for his employees and their families. It was a great event, and the following day at the office, people shared their stories and how much they appreciated the family-friendly evening.

The experience was such a delight that it was soon agreed that it would be a shame not to share it with others. We looked to see when Disney on Ice might come through town again when we noticed an April stop in Evansville. It was perfect: One of our newer offices is in Evansville, and we felt like a ticket giveaway would be a great opportunity to give back to the community that has already given us so much.

The Sweepstakes

We set up a ticket sweepstakes on Facebook and ran the contest for two weeks. At the end of the contest, we used randomly-generated numbers to pick 24 winners out of more than 200 entries. One of our employees called each winner individually to share the good news. Once the 24 winners were selected, we sent them their tickets and a special greeting card from Arendelle to wish them a fun evening.


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