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5 Steps to Deal with Car Damage after a Car Accident

When an accident results in car damage, it’s important to know what to do afterward. It could affect the outcome of an insurance claim, including recovery of your compensation.

1) Take Photographs of Your Vehicle 

Take several pictures of your damaged vehicle. Get a variety of shots, including close-ups, wide shots, and different angles. Make at least doubles of the photos so you can share them with the insurer and keep copies for yourself.

2) Report the Accident to the Insurance Companies

Notify your insurer and that of an at-fault driver, if applicable. An insurance adjuster needs to come out and inspect the damaged vehicle. But beware of insurers who insist on using a repair shop of their choosing. You may not realize the relationship between insurers and auto repair shops; some insurers will pressure body shops to put a ceiling on repairs or use refurbished parts to save money, which could harm the shop as well as the customer.

3) Get a Few Estimates

Go to at least a few reputable body repair shops where you would feel comfortable having the work done. It’s important that the price quote covers all the damages your vehicle sustained. Don’t accept the insurance company estimate or body shop recommendation blindly; do your own research.

4) Look Over Your Insurance Policy

Know what exactly your policy covers. Do you have collision coverage? What are the limits? Does it require a large deductible? You can certainly ask your insurance adjuster questions, but read through your policy as well so you understand what coverage you have.

5) Talk to an Attorney

The insurer’s tactics could include getting the work done for cheaper to save them money. This could result in poor quality work on your vehicle. Talk with an attorney if there is significant damage or you suffered serious injuries, or if you encounter a dispute with the insurance company.

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